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Coastline Capital Fund Management creates and manages investment funds that acquire and liquidate defaulted mortgages on residential properties.

We make money for our investors by buying these non performing loans low and liquidating at higher prices.


Coastline Capital Fund Management

We Give a Damn. We Absolutely Care.

We create and manage alternative investment funds that buy, sell, and liquidate residential non performing notes (defaulted mortgages.)

With Coastline Capital, you’ll get authenticity, transparency, accessibility and professionalism. We are down to earth, real guys that tell it like it is. We look out for our investors from beginning to end, involve them in the stories and updates of the non performing loans we buy, and endeavor to maximize returns while remaining human and caring at the same time.

Let Us do the Heavy Lifting while your Investment Grows!

Our Competitive Advantage.

Access to Real Estate Notes For Sale.

Since 2009, we’ve spent considerable time and resources to develop and maintain excellent relationships with the traders and decision makers at Wall Street hedge funds in charge of selling institutional non performing notes. This enables us to get preferred access to a large number of real estate notes for sale that aren’t available to most other note investors. Buying real estate notes is not a problem for us.


Speed of Execution.

We’re small and nimble compared to the big banks and hedge funds. To the big guys, each note is just a number. We’re different. We give each non performing loan the attention it requires to enable us to get the greatest returns as quickly as possible. We make decisions quickly with the mindset of what’s best for the Fund and our Investors.


Free 33 page E-Book on Note Investing!

Want to learn more about the details of note investing? We take a deeper dive into the business and give you the details you need to understand how note investing works. If you’re interested in investing in one of our funds, this is a great resource to learn how we conduct our business.


Assets Under Management.

Coastline Capital Fund Management, LLC, currently has $4.0 Million worth of Assets Under Management, which includes non performing notes, re-performing notes, and REOs. See descriptions below:

Dollars Under Management

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