Current Offerings.

Coastline Capital Fund Management

Current Offerings.

Coastline Capital Funds are unregistered securities issued under a Regulation D, 506(c) exemption and are available to Accredited Investors only. The Funds are focused on the acquisition and resolution of first position, non-performing notes (“NPNs”) backed by residential real estate.

The Funds are uniquely positioned to acquire NPNs at a discount through long term, hard won relationships with Wall Street hedge funds.

The Funds will profit by liquidating at higher prices through various liquidation outcomes such as foreclosure sales, re-selling loans, short sales and short payoffs, and selling properties it acquires through foreclosure.

Previous Funds offered an 8% Preferred Return and 50 or 60% of the Profit to the Investor. (View Current Performance and Past Performance.)

To get the full information on our previous Funds or to invest in future Funds, you will need to register for a free account at our dedicated investor portal. Click on the button below to go to the investor portal:


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